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The feeling of true like often naturally happens when you hear something a person says or see a person’s certain reaction to something. Merely seeing pictures is mostly not enough. Personality compatibility plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and stable relationship. targets to imitate this process. Our mission is to capture people’s personality as much as possible by asking them specially designed questions. These questions either reflect users' current life status or have situations set up to mimic reality to see what users will say or what users will do. By exploring other users' answers, you can get some idea about their personalities before you two physically meet. In this way it will eventually save you time to find the right person. created a fun way to answer questions. There are two ways to answer questions. One is to do it by yourself and the other is to do it together with other people in a group, which is more fun. In a group, you will start and answer the same question as other people in the same group. You will see other people’s answers and other people will see yours also. You can indicate a like to an answer and the other person will get a notice immediately. If you have found someone interesting, the person's profile page shows the current group he or she is in at that time, which you can join and do questions together with the person. As long as the person answers questions, you will never feel short of icebreakers to start a private chat. Good luck finding your love!

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